BW Plus Park Hotel Pordenone | Photographic installation GUEST


Discover the Permanent Photographic Installation 'GUEST' by Valentina Iaccarino at the Best Western Plus Park Hotel Pordenone

GUEST is an artistic project that saw Valentina Iaccarino bring on board and photograph some of the guests who stayed at the Best Western Plus Park Hotel in Pordenone between 2016 and 2019.

GUEST caters to the hotel’s eagerness to take an artistic approach to keeping track of the faces and stories of the people who spend time and breathe life into its rooms every day. The project is based on a blend of the hotel’s close bond with Pordenone and its appreciation of art and culture. The town keeps things vibrant in that respect throughout the year, with a range of festivals, initiatives, events and exhibitions. Some particularly significant occasions in the cultural life of the town triggered the idea of involving guests staying at the hotel, who were asked to let Valentina Iaccarino portray them in her photographs.

As a result, she has looked through her lens not only at illustrious figures from the worlds of Italian journalism and politics, but also creatives, directors, photographers, writers and poets from across the globe, not to mention managers, professionals and employees from local and international companies, and friends and staff of the hotel.


GUEST highlights people’s stories and unique qualities thanks to photographic portraits that present a series of faces, poses and possibilities.


You can visit the installation every day from 6pm to 10pm.


Come and discover the stories of those who lived and animated the hotel and the city, through the photographic shots displayed in our hotel.


For further information, read Nico Covre's text


Valentina Iaccarino

Born in Naples in 1983, she lives in Cordenons (PN). She is a professional photographer whose visual research develops mainly on the human figure and on the telling of everyday and little-explored stories and realities. Her best-known project, Ramonika, a photographic investigation into the Natisone Valleys, has obtained important recognitions such as the 2023 Marco Bastianelli Award and a mention at Fotografia Europea 2022. She has a great interest in analogue photography and experimentation in dark room. She dedicates herself to teaching, holding courses and workshops for associations and institutes.

Nico Covre

Creative director, he collaborates with different realities in the artistic, cultural and corporate fields to trigger new contaminations and create projects outside the box. He has edited books, catalogues, exhibitions, documentaries, festivals, events and workshops. He is developing visual research on spontaneous imagery.

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