House of bees

We have adopted a beehive: come and visit it!

Flavio is a beekeeper, he is a friend of us.

He has explained us that bees are his life. And ours too. Without bees we would be cooked.

In fact, bees are responsible for most of the food we eat.

Intensive agriculture and climate changes are putting them in danger.

We wondered how we could save them. So we have decided to adopt a bee family and our friend Flavio will take care of them. 

House of bees

Their home is L’Orto delle Api, a farm and beekeeping company in our area.

Here Flavio looks after our family of bees. 

You can come to visit our hive and, if you want, you can join us in the honey festival during the new harvest.

It's a completely different experience getting to know bees and their hive from up close.

Our honeys

They are produced locally and obtained with beekeeping techniques that respect bees and nature. They are of natural origin and therefore every year the type, quantity produced, color and flavor can vary.


It is among the first to be collected by bees, it crystallizes quickly forming a soft cream, ideal for spreading on bread. It has an amber color with yellow reflections if liquid, it turns yellow when it crystallizes. The aroma is pungent and penetrating.


A decidedly fruity honey that goes very well with fresh cheeses and dairy products. It has an amber color when liquid, light amber when it crystallizes. The aroma is moderately intense.


Highly digestible, perfect sweetener for various foods and herbal teas because it does not alter their aroma.

Straw yellow color, transparent. Pleasant aroma with little persistence. Light, delicate, very sweet, candied flavor.

A day as a superhero

Bees in a hive:

  • they visit up to 225,000 flowers a day
  • they pollinate 70% of plants
  • each bee travel about 150,000 kilometers to produce a kilo of honey
  • they fly at an average speed of 24 kilometers per hour
  • each colony can host up to 60,000 bees over a season
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