BW Plus Park Hotel Pordenone | Book Floor & poetry

Hotel 4 stelle con piano dedicato alla poesia a Pordenone

Book Floor

The third floor of the hotel, called book floor, is a journey through writing.

The project, born in cooperation with PordenoneLegge, focuses on poetry and involves the hallway and the rooms of that floor.

Fifteen themed rooms, in which we have emphasized the closeness between words and images meant to live together, a closeness by analogy or by contrasts. The verses linking to the images might be part of either a short, or a long poem or they might be the whole poem themselves. Among the fifteen poems living this floor you can find the verses of Montale and Petrarca and those of Goethe and García Lorca. Discovering them reserves the pleasure of surprise.

The words also inhabit the hotel glass windows and the books in the bookcrossing area, a reading area where you can find a travel companion. Here you can borrow and release books that other guests can then read and bring with them.

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