BW Plus Park Hotel Pordenone | Movie Floor and cinema

Piano dedicato al film muto - Park Hotel Pordenone

Movie Floor

The fourth floor of the hotel is a journey into silent films and early cinema.


The Pordenone Silent Film Festival is an International festival that since 1982 is held in Pordenone. A peculiarity of this event, in addition to the singularity of the film, from film archives and private collections, is that the screenings are accompanied with live musical performances.


In the hallway of the 4th floor you can enjoy a permanent exhibition that, through the festival posters, allows you to retrace its history.


The rooms of this floor are all themed and each one pays tribute to an icon of early cinema, from Greta Garbo to Louise Brooks, from Clara Bow to Gloria Swanson, from S.Laurel - O.Hardy (Stanlio and Ollio) to Buster Keaton.


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