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E-bike and city bike rental

The best way to move around in Pordenone 

If you want to combine sport, open air and discovery of the territory this is the right experience.

E-bikes allow everyone to explore the area, no matter how different the athletic condition is. You will be able to admire the landscapes from a different perspective and experience that feeling of freedom riding a bike gives you.

RENT YOUR E-BIKE with us and set off to discover our lands. We have city bikes available too. 

If you prefer, you can also ask us for a cycling guide to accompany you along the way.

Here are some itineraries that we recommend:

Riding in the parks of Pordenone

An 18 km itinerary that crosses the two largest green areas of the city: the Galvani Park and the San Valentino Park.

For this route (medium difficulty), if you prefer, you can also use our city bikes. Ask us for free. 

Alpe Adria Trail (from Udine to Grado)

From Pordenone you can easily reach Udine by train, taking your e-bike with you. Once you get off, you can cycle along the Alpe Adria Trail that takes you to Grado (55 km)

Once in the lagoon city, there is nothing better than a walk in the old city or, if the season and the climate allow it, a refreshing swim.

To return to Udine you can use the e-bike or alternatively the BiciBus, a suburban bus equipped with a special trolley for transporting bicycles. The BiciBus service from Grado is available every Saturday, Sunday and holidays until 12 September; in July every day. Departure from Grado is scheduled at 3:00 pm.

AIDA Cycle Route (Pordenone-Udine or Treviso-Pordenone)

AIDA is a very interesting cycle route of 900km that connects the cities of northern Italy.

This route also stops in Pordenone. So starting from our city, following the route, you can reach the nearby Treviso (81 km) or Udine (70 km). To return to Pordenone, you can use the e-bike or use a Trenitalia train with cycle compartments (marked in the timetables with a icon of a bike)

FVG-3 Pedemontana and Collio cycle route (Budoia-Maniago)

This is a little known but very beautiful itinerary, that will surprise you for the peace and tranquility of these places. You will be enchanted by the nature of these lands, with the mountains on one side and the plain on the other. We advise you to reach Budoia, in our foothills, and from there follow the cycle route to Maniago. 

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