BW Plus Park Hotel Pordenone | Special protection program

"Special Protection"

Our first priority has always been the safety of our guests.

For this reason, we joined the “Special Protection” program with new cleaning and disinfection protocols, to grant guest’s and staff’s safety.

“Special Protection” covers different areas: rigorous cleaning procedures, technology, staff training and health insurance.


1. Rigorous cleaning and disinfection procedures for each hotel area

We enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols in each area to ensure guest protection.
We have followed the recommendations of WHO and, in some cases, elaborated them and turned them into strict practices.

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2. Contactless technologies

We enhanced technology that allows interaction with the guests while respecting social distancing.
Thanks to our Digital Customer Journey, guests can easily check-in and check-out online and chat with the Front Desk staff.

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3. Protective equipment and useful suggestions for guests

Cooperation is essential to ensure a safe stay. Each guest will be expected to follow simple practices. Hotel signage and safety devices will be available where appropriate.

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4. Safety procedures for the staff

The hotel staff is the core of our service; their safety and protection are necessary.
We have established precise instructions concerning their access to the workplace, the use of protective equipment, and the observance of specific procedures to perform the different tasks.

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For us, compliance with protocols and quality control have always been a priority of our brand. 

At this time, our safety program is verified according to specific procedures.

The "Special Protection" program will be enriched with any further indications that may come from various regulatory sources and authorities.

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Download the Cleaning and Sanitisation protocols, included in our Special Protection Program.

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